Seaward & Stearn Our Heritage

Seaward & Stearn VII-Fold

Gary Seaward & Mark Stearn together combine 55 years of experience in men’s apparel hailing from the most prestigious of English menswear brands. They represent the third generation of Stearn tie makers and as ‘VII Fold’ produce hand-made ties for the finest of men’s apparel brands in England, the US and Japan.

In tie making, each and every tie they produce is hand-made at their Bermondsey workshop in the heart of London Bridge on the banks of the River Thames, a location rich in the history and heritage of textiles & leather. They are made to the most exacting of standards, from the choice of fabric to its colour and pattern, the cut and the shape, to the intricacy of stitching; at every stage no detail is left unobserved, all the way through to the look and feel of each finished and flawless garment.

It is with the same heritage and craftsmanship that they produce the Seaward & Stearn collections; fine garments with designs that are as unique as they are prestigious. You will find Seaward & Stearn stocked only in the most exclusive & respected retailers around the globe.

For every piece Seaward & Stearn will unstintingly use only the very finest of fabrics specific to each garment and season, sourced from the most respected of producers. Their designs have an acute eye to the colours and patterns enjoyed throughout the year and across the collections there will be an item for any time, and every occasion.

Whether it is in the making of their ties or the creation of their collections, Seaward & Stearn are at the heart of the process and will never put their name to anything less than the very finest of menswear, made for the most discerning of wearers.