Best Foot Forward

To sock or not.. 

Arguably this is more a sartorial decision than one of practicality.

Shoes without socks can be sore, sweaty and let's face it, often a little uncomfortable; and yet, at the same time, going sock-less offers a sense of cool and abandon, which then leads oddly to a feeling of ease and comfort.

Something of a paradox.

A certainty though is - that in not wearing socks your other apparel should promote the idea that you know precisely what you're doing in the dapper stakes; with or without, what goes on in this region is as important as all the other components that make up your look and all things must chime. You need to feel comfortable and confident in this, otherwise, and if in doubt, you'll find yourself hiding in the corner instead of stepping out. 

If going without, what you do have on show - your ankles, put simply, must look like you have taken a bit of care; so if wearing a lower cut pair of shoes, say loafers for example, what you have on display is removed of stray hairs and, if in any way possible, shines with a little tan of colour; this is at the end of the day promoting a look that it is about summer cool.

In choosing to keep your feet covered it is, of course, entirely possible to promote your style credentials and flower with a sense of summer sartorial purpose; a bright, snappy, dapper pair of socks will easily put you on a cool and level footing with those going without. Think Les Sapeurs; often hitching up their trousers to show off their shoes and socks and not afraid to display a little flair and dare.



The right pair of socks will ooze a sense of stylish prowess and offer another opportunity to set off your outfit. While not as constantly visible, it's as much as a marker of stylish intent as all those other smaller items of apparel that compliment.

Ultimately, it's always about the detail.



Wearing the right socks in an assured fashion will, in the most positive sense, set you apart and it is always worth giving them the attention they deserve.

When walking, you can stride offering a little flash of colour, safe in the knowledge too, that you're not likely to blister!

And then, when you sit, hitch up your trouser and cross your leg, the full splendour of complimentary colour and style is there for all to see..

.. but mostly for you to enjoy. 




Plain or patterned. Bright or muted.

Socks for every summer occasion.


Fine Cotton Herring Bone  


Fine Cotton Spot 


Fine Cotton Paisley Teardrop


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