New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

We're recently returned from a great show at MRKet NY showing our Spring Summer 2018 collection and meeting many of our partners in the US before our Autumn/Fall road trips. 

Around the show there's a great buzz of enthusiasm, dapper menswear, and a meeting of many people that take this opportunity to come together from afar. 

It is an occasion for many stores to select the collections they will be stocking for forthcoming seasons.

It's always a pleasure to see our partners and show them the new collection.

Always fresh and helping you set yourself apart, we design new collections for each coming season and showcasing them is as much as a joy as wearing them.


A little something new, a little something different.


The Javits Centre where the show is hosted is a pretty immense building, accommodating the many people who are on show and the visitors who come to their stands. It offers as much of a haven from the bustle of the city that hosts it, as it does serve as a monument to that same city.


 The Javits Centre.


Built in the early 80's and named after US Senator Jacob K Javits, the view through the frames and glass windows showing the high rises in the background is the perfect back-drop to remind you where you are and that downtown is just one short step away. 

Here we take a little aside from the the show to take in the wider environment around us, and chomp a visual bite out of The Big Apple..


The Chrysler Building.


All major cities make their impression on you with their history and heritage, born out of the significant chapters in their development and the architecture that supports it. While NYC in relative terms is a young city, it remains no less than this. 

Everything feels impressive, tells a story, and is strangely familiar; born to some extent by what we know from film and television and the impact that it's story has had on the modern, especially western, world. So much so that the many landmarks across the city, mingled with the busyness and bustle on the street have the impact of a city and a history that feels profoundly within reach. 

Perhaps this is one interpretation of what we can think of when we say The City of Dreams. 



Greenwich Village 


Down at that busy sweet level there is such a cacophony of sounds and views, especially in Manhattan where it often feels like everyone is simply racing to get somewhere.

In the Village there feels a more relaxed pace, with a little more time to take over lunch, or coffee, or drinks. 

As you take a moment to catch your breath, the collision of people, buildings, signs and messages have a way of coming together and forming their own little symphony.



Of course, for English men in New York there is the leisure time imperative of seeking out pit stops for thirst quenching refreshment.


When you head back down-town you find yourself once again looking up; eye level is just a mass of people anyhow!

You look up to see the buildings, the gaps between, and of course the advertising.

Every now and again though, on the odd block you can still witness a more human touch and something that isn't necessarily telling what to buy. 

While not knowing the metaphor for it, there's a bit of tie inspiration in this one..

For our sins.  





Mixing business and leisure.
Some of the items we packed for a hot and sunny trip
to New York.
Was: £55 Now: £35


Go for superior quality cotton to keep it cool and unfussy in the sun.

When in a hot city it's your mission to find a pool.
Was: £95 Now: £55

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