It's in the detail.


A close up on hand-made 

For discerning dressers, dandy's, sartorialist's and the like, once the overall well fitted look has been accomplished - with quality and in style, the final touches are all about the detail. 

This can be about finely tuning the length of a garment, additional accessorising, a little extra colourising here or there, and so on. 

It is also very much about the fine finishing of a garment itself, whether it be in the quality of stitching, the way patterns are cut and aligned, a crafted button hole, the buttons themselves.

One of the reasons why hand-made and bespoke wear is as desirable as it is, is as much to do with the artisanal quality of garment as it is in achieving these finishing touches.  

Accomplished with skill and by the hands-on nature of garment making, often not obtained, or to a lesser standard with more mass produced apparel, these are part of what the investment is about and also what sartorialist's keenly look for as identifiers to fine apparel.

For us, in tie-making, the garment of course starts with the very best of fabric, the most exact of measurements and the quality of stitching to finish, then, like all those other items in the outfit, it's what's in the detail. 

The stitching loop hidden behind the under-end of the tie, where the the knot has been tied off, denotes it's handmade; the tipping, unless the tie is hand-finished, is Purple and Pink - the colours of Seaward & Stearn; the bar-tack that holds it all together on the blade, is added to with a decorative pink as our signature; all done by hand, and all focussed on the detail.

When we talk about our ties being hand-made in London, this is the craftsmanship that such a statement rests upon.

It is why owning and wearing a Seaward & Stearn tie offers so much reward, and together with our styling, will always set you apart. 

See us in the current issue of Riddle Magazine.

Riddle are constantly in pursuit of what goes into the detail and aiming to prove that quality and style should be staples of life. Covering all things from style and culture, to eating and drinking..


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