It's hip to be square

Dapper with a smile.

An essential for any jacket pocket, no matter what the occasion.
For many, and as it should be, a jacket is incomplete without a pocket square being worn in some fashion.
There is a wealth of pocket square designs ranging from paisley's, dots and geometrics, to inspired coloured patterns, themes, and also tasteful fun. 


The fun element can add a new dimension to a pocket square collection, offering something just a little different and even more personal; for dressing on those occasions when perhaps you wish to show your attachment to a certain subject or simply just be a little more flamboyant and playful. 

In the first instance such a pattern can be worn scrunched or folded, where the motif is obscured by the colour of design or the piping of the square, allowing the square to simply add it's colour to the pocket and compliment the apparel.

Much the same as your other handkerchief's.

However, depending on the occasion and your mood on the day, it can also be presented in such a way that the motif is visible and makes an impression; bringing a little extra charisma to your look, while naturally remaining dapper.

Of course paisley's, dots, geometrics and colourful patterns are essential for any pocket square collection, however, save some room for one that offers just a little something different.. and set yourself apart.


Elephant Pocket Square from our Weekend Collection. 

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