Don't cut your ties..

Getting Political.

Apparently, in the UK parliament male MP's are permitted to not wear their ties into the house. 

So, a suit and open collar formal shirt without a tie. That's so down with the kids right..

Surely with all the pomp and formality that surrounds such an establishment, so too should such respect be paid to the formality, codes and conduct of mens-wear. Not least, for the vast majority of male MP's it would be the safer sartorial option.  

It's not just the throw away nature of such a stance, the 'we can do without with this garment' that is so poorly considered, but it's the whole idea that the tie is something worth giving up. 

To be replaced with what..? Business casual. Smart casual. Jeans and a 'T'. Fashion forbid.. cargo pants! 

Anyone with the opportunity to wear a tie and opts not to doesn't only forgo the pleasure and sartorial dapperness that comes with donning such a refined object of apparel beauty, but they also diminish their ability to look as good as they possibly can. 

And therein lies the misfire of such a policy, or non-policy, and a misfire that has spread across the once well turned out formal working world; one is lured into missing the opportunity to dress up; missing the opportunity to look good (an open collar formal shirt with a suit does not look good; the right tie with the right outfit always looks good); missing the opportunity to say, I take this seriously. 

In the political world, as in the business world, your dress often requires a degree of restraint. This doesn't mean to say that it needs to be boring or without personality; it simply means you have to work within the guidelines. As it is the case to for those other occasions for wearing a tie, like a wedding for example; you wouldn't wear a business tie to a wedding, nor a wedding tie to work, or you shouldn't; each occasion offers the pleasure of being able to make a sartorial choice and be seen in such dapper glory. Sadly weddings too seem to be missing the neck-wear mark these days as well.  

Why is it that so many women are able to get pleasure from these sartorial nuances (and get it right), but so many men often want to revert to either a lazy or primal state and 'let loose'. As if that by going without you're somehow getting more. You're not. 

Of course we don't have to be 'dressed to the nines' all the time, especially if your job doesn't demand it; if a gas technician calls to your house wearing something other than the expected dress of their occupation, you might be left a little unsure of what they're bringing to the job; but then, if said gas technician is a man, and outside of work goes to a club or occasion that requests a tie, why wouldn't he wish to wear one so. Thereby also transcending any stereotype about who a tie is intended for. It's about what is right, doing it right and dressing according to the role we are playing and the occasion, be it work or play, formal or casual.  

Respect to the heritage and the elegance of the tie, in both its classic and modern designs, as well as the desire for the tie to continue to be culturally significant, is greater than any supposed belief that you are freeing yourself from the constraints of a uniform. Wearing a tie is not subscribing to a uniform, it is often now a deliberate sartorial choice, and as such, even in the heat of a summer day, wearing a tie is liberty itself.



5 ties that mean the business in the summer.  


Keeping your tie wedded to the occasion. 

It’s a summer wedding and there’s an air of excitement about the day; rushing about and busying yourself to get to the Church on time... all the while looking cool in your shades and keeping fresh in the summer glow with a light seasonal fragrance.

Sure, you've got your jacket with a bouncy little hank in the pocket and a complimentary (often colour contrasting) pair of trousers or chino’s; of course in the summer too - you can go sock-less, so long as the shoes fit the look; but again, when there is such a wealth of different designs and fabrics out there for summer wear, and a bounty of summery colours, why would you not enjoy on this occasion a little neatly tied neck-wear to compliment your wedding sartorialising.

The wedding is after-all, another of those institutions heaped in pomp and formality, as well of course, love and goodwill.

So given the opportunity to spread a little goodwill to your fellow invited guests by getting ‘dressed up to the nines’ – yes this is one of those occasions where you absolutely can - why not spread that dapper love. While also letting it be known you will not be beaten in the dressy stakes! Should you decide to ditch the tie you will undoubtedly enter second place and sadly lose yourself in a day of ‘oh, why didn’t I go the distance..’ after seeing the chap who laid it down with a nice spread collar adorned with a lovely summer tie and well tied knot.

Taken as a whole, your tie, your hank, your watch, your shades, all these little accessories are what goes into the detail, and in wearing them right transform themselves from little accessories into big statements about looking cool and looking dapper.

Don’t be tempted through the day to loosen or lose the neck-wear either. There’s nothing stiff or stuffy about keeping up appearances, not least enjoying the fact that you’re remaining in sartorial tact. When you dressed in the morning the tie was the centre point of your outfit; the piece that linked it all together, losing this at any point during the day is like undressing to semi-naked-ness.

Keep it on. Keep it cool.

And as a final note; as the occasion drifts into late afternoon, evening and then the night, and everyone has relaxed into a mild abandon born out of the euphoria of the day and possibly a little intoxication, with the risk of odd party frolics abound seek refuge near the bar and away from the hubbub of misdemeanor and under no circumstances be lured, lest tempted to be led onto the dance floor by any kind of admirer pulling you by the pride and joy you have kept tied perfectly in place for the day. It’s not tasteful, it will undoubtedly ruin the knot and quite possibly stretch the fabric.



5 ties for a summer wedding


Get your cure in those summer-time hues.

Yes it’s summer… you're enjoying the vibes at a summer party; a garden party; a yacht party (let’s just pretend); a drinks reception, fancy cocktails, fancy beers, a light work engagement... Yes it’s time for a summer tie.

Don’t pretend it’s too hot to wear. Don’t pretend you’re cooler without wearing. Don’t pretend you look good by not wearing. Don’t go without. Just do it. Tick.

Embrace colour. Embrace fabric. Embrace design. Embrace cool.

Let your inner dapper out..



5 ties to get your summer groove on.


This was a Seaward & Stearn production.

It was made for sharing. Feel free to pass it on.   





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